Benefit From Our Experience

With careful thought and planning, you have cultivated your workforce to include the very best talent from around the region or from around the world.

We know that you have a strong desire to stay competitive in your field. While you want to keep costs in line with your budget, you are dedicated to providing the very best insurance benefit packages for your employees. You do so to not only secure the long-term viability of your company, but also to create and secure a brighter future for your co-workers.

You want the very best for them now, and well into the future. We understand your dedication.

With over 100 years of combined insurance experience, Enscoe Long offers a strong knowledge base and an exceptional level of support. We are a forward thinking employee benefits firm that brings a new perspective to develop and implement benefit packages. We do so by providing creative value added services and cost control strategies.

At Enscoe Long we assign a dedicated and experienced Customer Support Representative who has cultivated relationships with our insurance carriers. This ensures that the claims process is headache free, so you can go about running your organization more effectively.

Our company was built on the premise that every person should be afforded the opportunity to create security and peace of mind through their benefits package. By listening, problem solving, working together and becoming part of your team, we can help you realize your goals in ways that you might never have thought possible.