Enscoe Long Insurance Group Is Hiring

Enscoe Long Insurance Group is expanding! Ready to join a team with a passion of service and a heart for others? Enscoe Long is accepting applicants for Account Executive and … Continue reading “Enscoe Long Insurance Group Is Hiring”

The Sky is Falling!

The National Weather Service announced that the loud boom and shaking ground reported Saturday, January 1, 2022,  by people across suburban Pittsburgh was probably caused by an exploding meteor. Experts … Continue reading “The Sky is Falling!”

The Office Party – Are You Covered?

Thanks to the pandemic, you were forced to cancel the holiday party at your office last year. But because your company has come to grips with how to navigate around … Continue reading “The Office Party – Are You Covered?”

Enscoe Long Specializes In Nonprofit Insurance – Part 3

Enscoe Long Insurance Group specializes in providing customized insurance for nonprofits. In fact, we provide insurance to over 200 nonprofit agencies. There are a variety of insurance products, which nonprofits … Continue reading “Enscoe Long Specializes In Nonprofit Insurance – Part 3”

Enscoe Long Specializes In Nonprofit Insurance – Part 2

Last week, the Enscoe Long team brought you information about liability insurance for nonprofits. This week we are focusing on nonprofit property insurance. So what’s the difference? Liability insurance and … Continue reading “Enscoe Long Specializes In Nonprofit Insurance – Part 2”

Enscoe Long Specializes in Insurance for Nonprofits

Enscoe Long specializes in providing nonprofits with comprehensive insurance coverage. In fact, as of 2021, the Enscoe Long team manages insurance policies for more than 200 nonprofit agencies. Often understaffed … Continue reading “Enscoe Long Specializes in Insurance for Nonprofits”

Should You Buy Life Insurance during COVID-19?

You probably already know that life insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones, if you pass without warning.  But maybe you hadn’t even considered acquiring life insurance until trudging … Continue reading “Should You Buy Life Insurance during COVID-19?”

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Enscoe Long blog. We’re glad you’re here! We’ve launched this blog to provide you with the education, resources and tips you need to stay current on the … Continue reading “Welcome to the Blog”

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